About Us


The vision of the Lawton Fort Sill City-Wide Juneteenth, Inc. organization is to provide opportunities to celebrate Juneteenth as a National Holiday, bring together diverse culture groups for the common good, celebrate history, provide educational opportunities, and emphasize a sense of family, community, and citizenship.


The mission of the Lawton Fort Sill City-Wide Juneteenth, Inc. organization is to encourage a city-wide effort towards celebrating this National Holiday, to make this the go-to event in Southwest Oklahoma, and to attract residents from throughout the state and surrounding states to Lawton Oklahoma.


In the heart of Lawton-Fort Sill resides a vibrant and tight-knit community. We cherish the voices, stories, and aspirations of the people we honor and celebrate. Together, we embrace liberation, culture, and joyful celebration.


If Freedom happened on June 19, 1865 on the shores of Galveston, TX, then liberation has been every day since. Our pioneering into new endeavors, achieving great feats, and creating lives that celebrate who we are.


Experience the vibrant and diverse culture of African Americans in Lawton and Fort Sill, Oklahoma‚Äč. Discover the rhythmic beats, soulful melodies, captivating artistry, and inspiring stories that define our culture.


We celebrate the freedom of our ancestors in 1865, the progression we are currently experiencing, and the dreams we dare to envision for our future generations.